Slip Disc

Slip Disc

Slip disc, disc bulge, or herniated disc is one of the major causes of backache in both men and ladies. In this article, we'll discuss ayurvedic treatment for slip disc, disc bulge, and slipped disc. There are several ayurvedic medicines that are very effective for slip disc and disc bulge. Ayurvedic medicines given in this article are for the following 5 conditions:

Bulging Disc (Protruding Disc)

Bulging disc means disks between the vertebrae start protruding.

Slip Disc (Herniated Disc)

Slip disc or slipped disc means disc significantly protruded. It is often considered because of the last stage of the bulging disc.

Thinning Disc

Disc thickness reduces thanks to aging.

Degenerative Disc

Discs between the vertebrae start deteriorating and breaking down.

Disc Degeneration with osteophyte formation

Disc degenerates and osteophytes (abnormal bony outgrowths) are formed.