Are you tired and irritable all the time? Have you ever lost interest in your work, family, or hobbies? Are you having to feel angry or aggressive, sad, or worthless? Have you ever been feeling like this for weeks or months? If so, you'll have depression.

What is depression?

The human feels sad or irritable sometimes or has trouble sleeping occasionally. But these feelings and troubles usually pass after a few days. When a person has depression, he has trouble with daily life and loses interest in anything for weeks at a time.

Both men and ladies get depression. But men can experience it differently than women. Men may be more to feel very tired and irritable, and lose interest in their work, family, or hobbies. They’ll be more likely to have difficulty sleeping than women who have depression.

Many men don't recognize, acknowledge, or seek help for their depression. They’ll be reluctant to speak about how they're feeling. But depression is a real and treatable illness. It can affect any man at any age. With the proper treatment, most men with depression can recover and gain back their interest in work, family, and hobbies.